YORK, S.C. -- A homeless shelter in York County was scrambling for donations this holiday season when local police stepped up to help.

Tender Hearts Ministries is the only homeless shelter for women and children in York County.

“A lot of times our police departments do get a bad rap,” said Tender Hearts President and founder Ainslee Moss. “But in our situation, they’re the ones who love on the people as well by giving back to the community and helping the people who are in need.”

Every year, they put together meals for homeless families on Thanksgiving.

“Last year we were able to help 960 individuals, or 400 families,” Moss said.

But with a growing demand, they didn’t have enough money to help everyone this year.

That’s where York Police stepped in.

“Officers helped bag groceries, they took groceries to peoples' cars,” York Police Chief Andy Robinson explained.

Officers rushed to Bi-Lo to bag groceries, asking for tips to donate to Tender Hearts, so that families won’t go hungry this Thanksgiving.

“When you have probably 1000 people who wouldn’t get thanksgiving dinner if not for tender hearts, that’s a big impact on our small community,” Chief Robinson said.

The officers raised over $1000 in less than four hours, enough to feed hundreds of families.

“Especially during the holiday season when we’re sitting at the tables with our families and we have plenty,” Chief Robinson said, “it’s nice to know we helped someone who did not have that.”

To learn more about Tender Hearts and for donation information, visit their website here.