CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Ashley Garcia knows what's it's like to have your whole world turned upside down. As a young child, she was taken into a foster care system and would wait until she was 16 before finding her forever family.

It was after being adopted she felt the need to give back. Often Department of Social Services Workers used trash bags out of necessity to gather a child's possessions.

To help other young people like she was, she started Suitcases of Hope. They are duffel bags filled with necessities like a toothbrush, and paste, and bed sheets.

They also have something else: an inspirational book and a personal message of encouragement.

"You're going to be loved at one point. You're going to find your family, and here's my advice to you," it reads.

Garcia is asking Churches and friends to help contribute. Before moving to the Carolinas she was able to give out over 700 Suitcases of Hope. Garcia hopes the Foster Children realize they are special and deserve hope.

"It's such an amazing thing that Ashley wants to do." said Foster Mom Liz Benstead. "It's a lot. She was 16 when she started, she's 20 now."

Garcia is setting up a Facebook page to help people donate. Next month the Mother and daughter will travel to New York City to make a presentation about the project to the Ad Council.