CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When you think of uptown, most people think skyscrapers and brand new buildings.

The Fourth Ward, however, is a historic gem and one of Charlotte's best kept secrets.

And hidden within the Fourth Ward is an even better kept secret, beautiful and lush gardens.

This weekend, visitors will get a peek inside some of Charlotte's most stunning outdoor spaces with The Secret Gardens of the Fourth Ward Tour.

"(The tour) allows people to explore the neighborhood at a really beautiful time of year,” says tour coordinator, Beth Walker. “Because everything is walk able and offer horse and carriage rides and B-Cycle rides, you can really leave your car behind and do the whole tour on foot."

The Secret Gardens of the Fourth Ward Tour blooms this Saturday and Sunday, welcoming visitors into unknown landscapes. They are all home gardens, grown to brighten up an historic part of the Queen City.

"Fourth Ward is a small enclave of houses that were rescued in the 1970s, as the city was beginning to focus its efforts on urban renewal," says tour chairman, Heath Knott.

Eight private gardens will be on full display, along with small bites and sips from local restaurants.

Tour-goers will even be able to check out rooftop views from Fourth Ward's newer buildings, like Sky House, showing off the lifestyle perks as well.

"You get to know your neighbors really well. You can do everything on foot,” Beth Walker says. “You're a stone's throw away from the skyscrapers of Uptown and the restaurants and the cultural activities."

Tickets are still available for the tour for just $20. Rain or shine. You can buy them online at or at Alexander Michael’s Restaurant and Park Road Books.