CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It came in the mail like a normal letter but ended up lifting the spirits of an entire organization.

A young man named William wrote to Loaves & Fishes saying he had a $55 profit from his baking business. Instead of buying something from himself, he decided to donate it to them so they could buy food for the homeless.

His letter was put on Instagram for team members to see.

Talk about #motivationmonday - this awesome letter arrived in the mail yesterday. We've typed it word for word since it's hard to read in the photo. We hope it lifts you up just as it did all of us. Dear Loaves and Fishes, I have earned $55 for food. It all started when I got this idea to make a baking bussinus. But when I thought about it I relized if I make a big profit I could use it for charity. I decided that I would donate to you because I went back to when I was in 3rd grade and remembered when I went on a field trip. I go to Charlotte Country Day School. If you remember us, great! But it’s ok if you don’t, any way. I hope you enjoy the food I bring to the homeless. Sincerely, William William, we can't thank you enough. This $55 will go a very long way to feed hungry people and kids just like you. We will always remember you and your kind and generous spirit. #GivingBack @charlottecountrydayschool

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"A little bit of kindness can go a long way," said Executive Director Tina Postel. "I was overwhelmed by this young man's kindness. He recalled a field trip where he had and toured Loaves & Fishes. When I'm scrolling through my news feed and it's a lot of negative bantering back and forth, to see something like this letter and to know that this young man had done something so kind and generous-- that's the kind of news we should be sharing."

At a pantry site near the airport, client Cameron DeWalt appreciates what Loaves & Fishes does for her family.

"I just feel like it's a blessing," said DeWalt. "It means I can have healthy foods for myself and I can nourish my baby. I think that's awesome that a young kid could think of so many people."

Loaves & Fishes says the $55 will feed a family for an entire week.