COLUMBIA, S.C. -- There are new developments in the fight over the gas tax in South Carolina.

This week, Governor Henry McMaster vetoed a bill that would be the state’s first gas tax increase in 30 years.

However, that decision could be reversed because the legislature has the votes to override it. The legislation would increase the gas tax by 12 cents over six years. 

Now, Governor McMaster is questioning where the gas tax revenue is going. He vetoed the gas tax hike saying right now more than a quarter of gas tax revenue doesn't go to repairing roads.

"If we would simply reform how DOT spends your tax dollars, we would have plenty of money, and this gas tax hike would be totally unnecessary," says Governor McMaster.

However, state lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the bill which would raise the gas tax by 12 cents over six years. It appears they have the votes to override the governor's decision. Those votes to override could pass as early as Wednesday.

Like their political leaders, South Carolina gas consumers are divided on the issue.

“That’s actually a lot of money over that period of time," says one man.

“To me that’s worth it, 2 cents is not a lot," says another man.

If it is approved, it would be South Carolina's first fuel tax increase in 30 years.

"South Carolina is a great place, and you deserve better than this," says Governor McMaster.

State lawmakers haven't increased any tax in South Carolina since 2010. That was for cigarettes.