Temperatures are expected to drop into the low 20s on Thursday as an arctic blast makes its way to the Carolinas.

To safely heat your home, seal windows with plastic, or install plastic drapes to prevent a breeze. And this tip may surprise you, make sure you turn your thermostat down, not up.

Also, turn your water heater to a warmer setting to prevent pipes from becoming frozen. If you own a space heater, remember to keep it at least three feet away from furniture or your walls, as it could catch on fire.

When you head outside, bundle up and dress in layers. Frostbite and hypothermia are just a couple of serious effects cold weather can have on your body.

Don’t warm your car ahead of time. Not only is it illegal in both North Carolina and South Carolina, it’s an open door invitation for thieves to steal your ride.

Lastly, think of your pets. Bring them indoors for at least 10 minutes. Keep in mind when you’re cold, they’re cold.

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