(KSL)  It's no secret most dads struggle with doing their daughters' hair. From finicky French braids to impossible ponytails, it seems big, strong hands aren't meant to handle such delicate strands of hair.

A group in Layton, Utah is trying to change that.

On Wednesday night, Layton Community School, with the help of local beauty school Avalon, held a Daddy-Daughter hairdo class at Layton High School to arm dads with the tools they need to tackle the task.

"It's just really hard; it doesn't make sense to me," said Dan Muster about doing his daughter Annabelle's hair.

The pair showed up to the event, which cost $10, ready to learn. Muster learned to braid, blow dry, straighten and curl as his daughter watched through a mirror.

"Before you know it, mom is going to be jealous, and she's going to let me do her hair," Muster said.

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