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On Thursday the jury heard testimonies from Cooper Harris’ daycare teachers and what they recalled on the days leading up to his death.

The women spoke about how much of a fun-loving child Cooper was and how playful he was with the other toddlers of Little Apron Academy. Keyatta Patrick, one of Cooper’s teachers who had aided him since infancy, said he was able to talk and form sentences.

The center’s director Melony Gibson also noted how happy and excited Ross Harris was when he would drop off Cooper, taking pictures with him every day before he left.

However, at one point she noticed Harris stopped taking these pictures two weeks before the tragic death of his child because “he was getting older”, according to Harris.

Another teacher at the center, Michelle Grey, told the jury how on that day Leanna Harris was “confused” and “looked frantic” after arriving to the center and receiving information that Copper had never been at daycare that day.

The prosecution continues to reveal the events leading up to and following Cooper’s death in the days to come.

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