(WFLA) Police say no crime was committed when a hateful post-election letter was sent to a gay St. Petersburg, Florida couple.

John Gascot still can't believe the letter someone sent him. It arrived in the mail Saturday. "I'm frustrated, really frustrated that people think this is okay, and what a coward move it is," Gascot said.

The anonymous writer starts off attacking Gascot and his husband. The letter also talks about the couple's political views.

"The election is over," it reads. "You lost on all counts." The person was referencing the Hillary Clinton and other political signs still in the yard.

The letter then targets their sexuality.

"You can question my political choices all day long. It's America, that's what we do. But to then put into the letter all this personal stuff, that's what makes it disturbing," Gascot said.

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