(WMC) Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee has successfully separated conjoined twins with a procedure that took 18 hours.

The twins, Miracle and Testimony Ayeni, were born fused together at the lower half of their bodies.

"This is a rare condition," said Dr. Max Langham, surgical team leader. "This particular variation of conjoining occurs maybe in one of every 5 million births."

The twins' parents brought them to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital from Nigeria to have the surgery. Le Bonheur CEO Meri Armour said the entire surgical team donated their time pro-bono for the twins.

"We only ask one question--is it right for the kids? And if it's right for the kids, then we do it," Armour added.

"I was so excited," the twins' mother Mary Ayeni said. "Those tears that you see back there, those are tears of joy, because if you see the way the twins are before, and you see them now, you would be grateful to God."

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