CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Struggling with losing weight?

Do you have stubborn spots that no matter what you do, they never seem to go away? It turns out, braving the cold could be the key to dropping the weight for good.

What if I told you to look your hottest you have to feel the freeze?

The fat fighter is called cool sculpting.

“The machine pulls the fat roll into a suction cup and freezes inside and what it does is it damages fat cells without damaging the skin,” said Dr. Stephan Finical, a plastic surgeon at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Finical says if you’re looking for a surgery-free way to treat trouble spots, this is it.

“There are applicators for the abdomen, for the arms, and for the thighs,” he said. “Your body is never going to be able to store fat there again.”

Believe it or not, it all started with a popsicle. The doctors who developed cool sculpting used the principle behind a rather odd condition called popsicle panniculitis. That’s when kids experience inflammation and subsequent fat loss in their cheeks after eating the frozen treats.

The phenomenon got them thinking: why can’t that same principle be used to target problem areas in adults? And with that, cool sculpting was born.

“You’ll be swollen for a little while, and by three months you’ll see the contour change and it’ll be smooth,” Finical said.

While cooling your way to that bikini body is relatively painless, it doesn’t come cheap. But the doctor says keep in mind, it’s less money than liposuction and you can go back to your normal life immediately.