CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It’s not every day you hear of a man losing more than 200 pounds.

But what if we told you his company paid to help make it happen?

And do you know if your company might do the same?

Scott Purvis has always struggled with his weight.

“I’ve lost weight before but I’ve always boomeranged back,” he said.

But in April 2015, things got downright scary.

“I was tipping the scale right around 480, 485 and I had this strong aversion," Purvis said. "I just could not weigh 500 pounds.”

He was seeing multiple doctors, battling multiple health issues when his employers approached him – offering to pay for him to go to the Duke Fitness Center where he would learn to eat right and exercise from some of the best in the country.

“I adopted a one day at a time philosophy when I started, I never set a goal because what’s motivating about needing to lose 250 pounds? It seems insurmountable, it’s impossible,” he said.

Purvis has now lost 220 pounds, thanks in large part to his company’s wellness program.

Wellness programs have been trending for years now. At Wells Fargo for example, they have treadmill desks and even a smoothie bar.

Anita Shaughnessy, the Well-Being Manager at Wells Fargo explains, “Because healthy team members are happier and they’re more fulfilled when they come to work – they smile when they service our customers.”

The banking giant also rolled out their own in-house plan to help staffers battling the bulge.

“It’s an intensive yearlong program.”

Purvis says his employer changed his life.

“My walls were starting to come in on me," he said. "I knew I had to do something. I was about to turn 50 and I knew that if I did not change my ways I wasn’t gonna be around. The energy level and excitement I have for life is tremendous now.”

If you want to know what your employers offer, spend some time on your company’s intranet to see what’s available. Or you can call a member services representative on the back of your insurance card.