CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- New information regarding the cancer screening mistake that came to light last month shows that five woman who have not yet been identified are still at risk. County commissioner Vilma Leake is outraged by the situation and does not believe that the heath department is doing everything in their power to contact those women.

County commissioners had conducted an investigation in February after nearly 200 women did not get follow-ups from the Mecklenburg County Health Department after tests showed they were at risk for certain types of cancer.

Mecklenburg County Health Department Director, Marcus Plescia, has been under fire over how his team botched the release of nearly 200 test results.

The Health Department failed to notify patients who had a Pap smear test and showed signs abnormalities and needing follow-up treatment.

“We now believe that that number is closer to 185 patients who did not have their Pap results provided to them in a timely way,” Plescia said back in February.

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