CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Back to school also means back to the doctor, but the topic of vaccinations can bring about a serious debate among parents.

North Carolina law requires seven vaccines for children. There are two types of exemptions: medical and religious. Medical applies to children with allergies or illnesses that would cause reactions to the vaccines.

Doctors say protecting your child with vaccines should be as automatic as buckling up.

"You put your kid in a car seat every single day; you buckle that seat belt every time you get in the car, I think vaccines are just as important as putting on your seat belt,” said Dr. Richard So with Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Doctors say vaccines are the reason we don't typically see devastating diseases like polio, mumps or measles.

But, you may remember North Carolina health officials issued a warning after seven confirmed cases of mumps were reported in the month of April.

Those were primarily impacting elementary and college students.

For more information about Vaccine Safety and to see studies that have been done, head to this website.