(NECN/NBC) -- The roommate of the man suspected of shooting two Boston police officers before being shot and killed by other officers Wednesday night is speaking out about the moments leading up to the firefight.

Diego, an employee of NBC affiliate NECN, moved to Boston just four months ago. He was sleeping in his room upstairs on Wednesday night when he heard his two roommates arguing.

The suspect, 33-year-old Kirk Figueroa, was a sworn constable and former Army reservist.

"The way he put it, he was trying to revolutionize the policing world," Diego said.

Additionally, Diego recalls, Figueroa seemed to be racist against white people.

"Race played a big part in Kirk's life. He would constantly talk down on 'white people,'" Diego said. "When he first moved in, he told me, 'Good thing you're Latino ... I would have a problem if you were a white guy.' He tells me, 'I refuse to have a white person sleeping over my head.'"

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