A deputy is facing domestic violence and unemployment after allegedly threatening his girlfriend.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed they were called in to assist in the investigation after Troup County Deputy Lakee Snell was accused of pulling a handgun on his daughter's mother and stalking her from his patrol car.

According to the incident report obtained by 11Alive, the woman pulled into work on Saturday and saw Snell sitting in his vehicle. He confronted her and they two began "what started as a calm conversation".

The woman (who 11Alive will not identify since she is the victim of domestic violence) said the conversation became heated when Snell insisted they live together again. Then he allegedly pulled a handgun out of its holster and said, "I'd rather put a bullet between your eyes, me kill myself & have [daughter's name] raised by her grandparents than for us to be apart." He then holstered the weapon.

The next day, she pulled into her driveway and again saw him waiting for her. She immediately left and called 911.

Deputies were called to respond to her home, but Sheriff James Woodruff told the LaGrange Daily News, "It is my practice to call the GBI in because I certainly don’t want my office to do an investigation of one of our own when it is criminal in nature.”

Snell was arrested later that afternoon and charged with stalking and simple assault. He had worked at the department for more than two years, and had prior law enforcement experience before that.

In a statement, the sheriff's office told 11Alive's Duffie Dixon that the victim didn't want to press charges at this time, but "When you've got something that serious in nature, it's not up to her and we're going to look into it," a spokesman said. "How can you uphold the law when you violate the law yourself?"