SEYMOUR, Ind. (WHAS11) -- It's been a rough week for Hayden Howard and her dog Jackson. She said someone deliberately shot the English Mastiff with a BB gun last week.

"Over the weekend I noticed, I looked and there were holes, actual holes," Howard said.

Those holes were from BBs. There were more than 50 puncture wounds. Howard took Jackson to Seymour Animal Hospital Monday. "I was completely shocked that they were pulling BBs and pellets out of my dog," she told WHAS11.

"Once in a while we'll have an animal, maybe a hunting animal that has some gunshots, nothing anywhere near this," Dr. Steve Sunbury said.

He treated Jackson and removed 21 BBs and seven pellets. Howard says Jackson doesn't appear to be in pain. If untreated, Doctor Sunbury said even BBs could cause future infections.

"Had it not been brought in and been on antibiotics - put on pain medication - potentially very bad things would have happened," Dr. Sunbury said.

Howard is appreciative of all the social media support. She even received messages from people in Texas. She said. Jackson has never been aggressive and is not laughing at the malicious attack.

"You'd have to be a very sick person to do that," she said.

Police have not made any arrests.