Driving young children to holiday festivities? A booster seat can be a life saver for children between the ages of four to eight... but only if it's the right fit.

"Make sure the lap belt is lying flat across the upper thighs, it's not riding up on the soft tummy and the shoulder belt is sitting snugly at the center of the shoulder," said Jessica Jermakian, Sr. Research Engineer for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is out with its recommendations for new booster seats. 13 or 16 new seats received its highest rating of best bet including the Chicco Go Fit and the Cosco Finale.

"If a booster gets a best bet rating it means it that it will provide good belt fit for a typical 4 to 8 year old child in almost any car, min van or SUV," Jermakian said.

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