AVONDALE, La. – An internet date meet-up in Lacombe, Louisiana Tuesday night resulted in a multi-agency chase that ended with shots fired in the next town over, authorities said.

Christopher Kent Garcy, 41, of Waggaman led police on a lengthy chase through Jefferson Parish and a standoff before he was taken into custody, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. Garcy was brought to an area hospital by EMS with non-life threatening injuries.

According to Mandeville Police, a woman met Garcy on the internet and agreed to a date. She met with Garcy at a house in Lacombe where investigators say Garcy pretended to be a police officer and told the woman he was arresting her for prostitution before tying her up with zip ties.

Garcy took the woman to Mandeville where police said she jumped out of a moving vehicle.

Authorities said the woman went to a store where she called 911. Causeway police spotted the vehicle and chased Garcy for an excess of 45 minutes. Authorities said they deployed spike strips during the chase, but Garcy avoided them.

The chase continued into Avondale where a shootout occurred, officials said.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said shots were fired numerous times at the police by the perpetrator during this chase and fire was returned by officers.

Bryan Martinez and Joseph Lopez work at the Baskin Robins directly across from where Garcy wrecked his truck and caught some of the shootout on video.

“I thought it was a couple of guys shooting back at the police like a robbery or something, but then they said it was one guy who just did a kidnapping," Martinez said. "I thought that was crazy!”

Sheriff Normand said Garcy was alive after the wreck and in his vehicle waving a firearm. Officials said they contacted Garcy's mother, who came to the scene.

After a more than two-hour standoff, with the help of Garcy’s mother, a negotiator was able to convince Garcy to turn himself over to police.

"We were able to successfully handcuff him, access him and get him into the ambulance,” Normand said.

Garcy was taken away by ambulance with minor injuries.

Buildings near the area of Highway 90 were evacuated as a precaution. Normand said an officer suffered a graze wound to the finger during the shootout.

Mandeville PD officials said two of their officers are on the scene, as well as SWAT.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.