YORK COUNTY, S.C. – York County Sheriff’s Office says two of its female deputies have resigned after engaging in sexual conduct while on duty.

According to documents from the most recent investigation, former deputies Lori Kimble and Marina Arbelo engaged in sexual activity since 2015.

"I take accusations of this nature very seriously," said York County Sheriff Sgt. Kevin Tolson.

Kimble admitted during the investigation she had sex inside a patrol car. Arbelo admitted to having sex while on the job at least six times, documents say.

On August, the sheriff’s office disciplined six other deputies for engaging in a similar conduct. Two of the deputies were terminated immediately, three were suspended for two weeks without pay and the sixth suspected deputy was demoted.

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Tolson said investigation for the “inappropriate conduct” began late July. He said no formal complaints of sexual harassment have been filed with the department.