CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Why do those dang abandoned cars sit there for so long? Have you ever wondered why you drive by the same car or truck with that orange sticker on it day after day? Us, too!

In fact, we saw a green Ford sitting on the Billy Graham Parkway near the WCNC studios for seven weeks. It finally made us ask, what gives?

Here is the skinny on the abandoned cars on our highways: The North Carolina Highway Patrol and each city have different rules and regulations for getting rid of abandoned cars.

Each says there is a specific amount of time to get rid of them, and usually, it’s the owner’s responsibility. But the towing deadline isn't always enforced, which can lead to a number of problems. The Highway Patrol says you have two days to get rid of it or else it gets towed and stored at your expense.

But obviously, the towing deadline isn’t always enforced.

These cars and trucks can be hazard, and if you leave it sitting on the side of the road, any road, you risk it being a target for vandals and thieves.

In Charlotte, the rule is outlined in Code number 10-273, called “Abandoned vehicles.” It says, “It shall be unlawful for any person to leave a vehicle on any public street or highway longer than seven days; On property owned or operated by the city for longer than 24 hours; or, On private property without the consent of the owner, occupant or lessee thereof for longer than two hours.”

After the WCNC Consumer Unit contacted CMPD, the abandoned green Ford with four flat tires that we were all getting to know and love, was finally towed.

If you see an abandoned vehicle sitting in the same place, the police suggest calling 911 because it can be a road hazard.