CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A popular part of town is a bit of a mess right now, as city construction crews try to make way for the trolley.

The work is such a mess drivers don't know which way to go and businesses in Elizabeth are struggling.

Lunch at Hawthorne’s Pizza in Elizabeth is usually hopping

“It's been a challenge,” said General Manager Nick Link. "It really has."

They are surrounded by construction and barriers, with both Hawthorne Lane and Seventh Street closed except to local traffic.

"It’s a bit chaotic the different barriers, different times they want to detour, it makes it very confusing for people,” Link said.

Even people who live and work in the area get confused.

“Even one of the owners commented, 'I know my business is open but im second guessing myself.”

It’s been so tough - they've lost two-thirds of their business on some days.

“It hurts our servers - normally two, but we cut down to one,” he said.

But he says the community has been really supportive.

“The people of Elizabeth have purposely come out because they knew the struggle were going through."

Hawthorne’s and some of the other businesses took it upon themselves to make signs letting people know they're still open -- hoping to help guide people through the mess.

The good news is, the city is reportedly ahead of schedule. Work should be done by the end of the month.