MINNEAPOLIS - Linda thought she’d met the perfect man. He was a decorated Navy Seal, a PhD at the University of Minnesota and he was charming.

The newly single mom trusted the man calling himself Richard Peterson completely. “Everybody wants to believe that they’re going to meet their Prince Charming. That they’re going to meet a good Christian boy who’s a lot like their dad,” she told KARE 11.

But Richard Peterson was not who he said he was. It wasn’t even his real name. Linda says in a matter of months he gained access to her finances and ruined them.

Linda was one of many women who have fallen for a convicted felon named Derek Alldred over the past decade.

KARE 11 Investigates tracked down several of his alleged victims and Monday night at 10 you will meet them. They are from California, Minnesota and Arizona. They are all educated, professional women who say they didn’t find out the truth until it was too late.

Hear the elaborate stories he’s concocted, how he finds and preys on his victims.

“He is destroying people’s lives,” Linda said. “Our justice system just keeps letting him walk away, keeps letting him do it and is allowing him to have another victim.”

How does he keep getting away with it? KARE 11 Investigates Monday night at 10.