CLOVER, S.C. -- Moving the State line may not seem like a big deal to many, but a man in Clover may be living in two different States.

Welcome to 1070 Sentinal Oak Dr in Clover, S.C. Or is it N.C.?

“They want to cut my house in half,” says Mike McArdle who owns the property.

McArdle says he bought the house because of 'location, location, location'. But now, North Carolina wants to move the state line farther south into Clover to include parts of McArdle’s neighborhood. But this new line, will run right through the middle of his house.

McArdle says, “whoever sleeps on certain sides of the house may end up going to that state’s schools.” And the master bedroom, also, is split right down the middle.

The boundary line between North and South Carolina was loosely established in 1772 with trees, ditches and even fences, most of which doesn’t now exist 244 years later. North Carolina is now trying to reestablish that border for good, even if it means cutting McArdle’s house in half.

McArdle faces even more difficulties because the NC State Goedetic office has the wrong homeowner listed on the paperwork. The office told NBC Charlotte they’re sending official paperwork to a James H. Goodman. Goodman did own the property at one time but sold the home in 2013.

McArdle bought the home in 2014 and fears if the state can’t even get the homeowners name right, how is the line through the middle of his house going to be right?