CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A UNCC student is blackmailed and extorted after meeting someone on Facebook Wednesday.

CMPD reported that a student met someone online, sent an inappropriate video, and the suspect attempted to cash in.

The FBI is warning about "sextortion," an ever growing problem for law enforcement.

It is when you meet someone online, that person offers a nude photo in exchange for yours, then threatens to post it publicly unless the victims pays up.

The 23-year-old UNCC grad student says he sent an inappropriate video to a person he met on Facebook.

Minutes later, the person he was chatting with demanded $200 to keep the video private.

Here are some things the FBI wants you to keep in mind:

  • Do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know.
  • Do not send any picture you wouldn’t want others to see.
  • And always remember, once a picture hits the internet it is there forever.
  • At this time that suspect in this case has not been arrested or even identified by police.
  • Police say if this happens do not hesitate to give them a call.