CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- From racist vandalism in SC to the Panthers' hidden twitter message here are five stories you need to know.

Trump pushes Putin on election interference, reaches agreement not to meddle in future

President Trump opened his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin with repeated questions about

Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election, and the two leaders agreed to work toward an agreement not to meddle in each other's elections in the future, officials from both sides said Friday.

Trump's apparent aggressiveness on the issue was stunning given the reluctance of both Trump and Putin to acknowledge Russia's use of hacking and propaganda to influence the U.S. vote last year.

Racist vandalism on South Charlotte family's driveway

A Black South Charlotte couple found a message of hate scrawled on their driveway of the South Charlotte home they've lived in for 18 years early Friday morning.

"In 18 years, I never felt not wanted in this community," said Tokunbo Ayodele."And today, I don't want to doubt my neighbors, but it is difficult. It is a sad day in this community,"

Ayodele said as disturbing as the message is, she has no plans to remove it.

"Till the rain washes it away," she said. "We have to leave it and let people see maybe that will help the community, because it's not who we are."

Demonstrators protest outside Sen. Thom Tillis' lakefront home

Concerned that Senator Thom Tillis won’t hold a town hall meeting or meet with them in person, a group of demonstrators concerned about health care, took those concerns to the lakefront home of Tillis on Lake Norman.

The group anchored three pontoon boats about fifty yards offshore of the house and used bullhorns to tell the stories they wished they could tell to the Senator in person.

Deadly disease claiming pets' lives in Carolinas

A disease that could take your dog's life has crept into the Carolinas. It's called 'Canine Distemper' and it shut down the Lancaster County Animal Shelter last month.

"The classic signs of distemper are things like nasal discharge and coughing, and then diarrhea and vomiting," said veterinarian Jacob Mauck.

"The most important thing is to get your dog vaccinated and to complete the full series of vaccines to keep up with it."

Panthers hide lyrics to 'Fresh Prince' theme song in tweets

Let’s go ahead and face it: the Carolina Panthers have the best Twitter account in all of sports.

Sorry Hornets, Buzz City still loves you, but what the Panthers just delivered may be the greatest subtle Tweet storm of all-time.

It all started (well, technically it ended) when the Panthers tweeted this Friday: