1. Springtime means snakes


A photo sent to NBC Charlotte from a viewer displayed what appeared to be a writhing ball of snakes, yikes! 

As temperatures rise, so do snake sightings. Animal experts are encouraging those who enjoy the outdoors to keep their eyes peeled. Click here for more info.

2. NCAA expected to announce championship game sites for next 5 years, will North Carolina be a host?

On Tuesday, the Tar Heel state is expecting to learn whether North Carolina will get to host NCAA championship games within the next five years.

North Carolina is being considered as a host after repealing House Bill 2, also known as "the bathroom law."

NCAA previously said they "reluctantly voted" to allow consideration of championship bids in North Carolina. In March, the sanctioning body stated that North Carolina legislators would need to repeal HB2 or the state would again lose hosting rights in future tournaments. Click here for learn more about the expected announcement.

3. No more April the giraffe?

If you're a fan of April the giraffe, brace yourself. 

Animal Adventure Park says they are planning on taking down the live feed of April and her calf this week. 

The feed is going to come down anytime between Wednesday and Friday. The park says taking down the feed was planned from the very beginning and that it has received so much attention from viewers that it's actually interfering with their duties at the park. 

Click here to WATCH APRIL while you still can! 

4. Tax returns are due! 

Today is the day! Did you get your tax returns in?

If so, celebrate the day with some deals and freebies! Deals range from discounted drinks and meals to free paper shredding to a great way to elimate the stress of filing at the last minute. Click here for the full list.

Need more time? Click here to learn how to file for an extension.

5. Union County rolling out new "ghost patrol" cars


Deputies in Union County will soon be driving new "ghost" patrol cars on roads and highways. The Indian Trail division of Union County Sheriff's office is introducing four of the new vehicles this week, specifically designed to be difficult to spot.

The cars are not you're standard unmarked patrol car. In the sunlight, the "Sheriff's Office" markings blend into the car, making the decal though to spot offhand. If you look closely, it's there. Click here for more info.