CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In 24 hours, five acts of violence broke out at local elementary and middle schools.

Possibly the worst of these case happened at McClintock Middle School, where a student allegedly in a fit of rage threw a textbook and swore at a teacher.

NBC Charlotte dug up five separate Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department police reports. A self-defense expert says the teachers he works with don't feel safe in the classroom.

"It just take one that can not only ruin your class, but really cause some damage," said Ryan Hoover, owner of Fit to Fight.

Hoover, who specializes in self-defense, has a course specifically for teachers.

The goal, in some cases, is to give those at the front of the classroom peace of mind when encountering students looking for the wrong kind of extra-curricular activity.

"I do teach elementary school, but we've had students become irate and we've had to restrain them," said a local teacher.

Last year at CMS schools across the board, crime stats were up. There was a total of 258 assaults on school personnel, including an all-out brawl at Harding High School. During the altercation, four students were arrested and the administrator caught in the middle received a concussion and was let go.

"It's going to get worse before it gets better," said Hoover.