CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Some families were left feeling frustrated after a power outage on Thanksgiving.

Dinner parties were ruined and hundreds of Thanksgiving dinners were put on hold.

"We were playing some football which is a family tradition," said Laura Cooper, a south Charlotte resident. "We came back and were ready to put everything else in and then everything else went black."

It's hard enough to cook the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. The whole family is counting on you and then out of nowhere the lights go out.

"We haven't lost power in a long time," said Cooper.

Some 800 homes were in the dark. According to Duke Energy, a customer was cutting down a tree. The tree fell onto a main power line near the Providence Day Country Club knocking out power and spoiling Thanksgiving for hundreds.

"The turkey is half done," said Cooper.

Even a half cooked turkey couldn't damper the Cooper's holiday spirit. With a little liquid courage, they were determined to make the best out of a bad situation.

"We started using the grill, we started using the gas power stove with matches so we kind of made it work," said Cooper. "We got candles out and we've had a great day."