“This flag has served its nation well and long.”

SOUTH HILL, S.C. - During Flag day, The American Legion Post 34 in Rock Hill honored “Old Glory” by burning it.

“If any American flag is torn, worn or tattered, it should not be flown, “ said Tommy Ayers, Commander of American Legion Post 34. “We properly dispose of those flags with the respect and honor those flags deserve.”

Flag Day has been celebrated for more than 100 years, and has been an official federal day since 1949.

“This is a tradition that dates back since the early 1900s,” said Commander Ayres.

The post burned about 3,400 'unserviced' flags during a special ceremony in honor of Flag Day.

When a flag is out of service, it means the flag is damaged and is not in the condition to be flown.

Burning 'unserviced' flags is legal and is one of the most popular ways to officially retire Old Glory.

Veteran leaders will speak these words all across America at similar Flag Day events:

“This flag has served its nation well and long.”

About 50 people attended Wednesday’s event. All who emphasize it is about protecting history not protesting it.