CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A big race weekend means big clean up at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

"We do the best job," says Charlotte Motor Speedway operations employee, Lennis McCray. "We work for the fans. We want the place clean and respectable for the fans. That is what we do."

McCray, along with 200 other people, will pick up other people's trash, nearly 150 tons of it after each race.

These crews will clean every inch of the speedway for the next four days. The grandstands, the corridors, and the campgrounds. During the cleaning process they often find personal items, as many as two dozen cell phones and 50 sets of keys.

Bruce Lake has camped at 16 races this year. Setting up and cleaning up, his home away from home each weekend.

"Especially when it's a weekend that it rains as much as it did, you don't break out all the tables and the gear and the lights like you would if it was gonna be a good weather weekend, so you just put out a few things, so clean up's pretty easy," Lake says.

8,000 campers stayed this weekend, creating a lot of garbage along the way.

"After all the campers are out of here, there'll be other crews that come in and walk the entire grounds, making sure everything is picked up," says Roger McFadyeen, a Charlotte Motor Speedway Campground Host.

Bags of trash go to the speedway landfill, but some visitors choose to leave bigger items behind like furniture, grills and even kitchen sinks. Lennis McCray says that's just fine.

"That's what they do," McCray says. "And after they leave, we do what we do, clean it up."

If you think you left something behind, you can find the lost and found at the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office.