CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Augustus Parker lives in the Steele Creek development of Chapel Cove, just south of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

It is a neighborhood where people say the noise from departing and arriving aircraft is almost constant.

“It’s a concern and I hope there can be a dialogue between the airport and residents, not just for this neighborhood but all over Charlotte,” said Parker.

In fact, there is now a way for Parker and others like him to voice their concerns.

The airport and the FAA are now setting up regular roundtable where residents can tell their stories.

Mike Marino is another resident of the Chapel Cove area and he is also a pilot.

“They used to have noise abatement procedures but they have gotten rid of those. Now, it's just a lot of planes all day, every day,” he said.

Through May of this year, Charlotte-Douglas has recorded 72,965 noise complaints from 370 addresses.

In all of 2016, there were 67,793 complaints, with 95 percent of those coming from just 24 addresses.

The FAA’s goal has been to spread out the routes for takeoffs and landings and now complaints are coming from more neighborhoods.

Said Mike Marino, “As a pilot myself, I know things can be done to change the routes.”