KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- Do you love running or walking? If so, The Appalachian State University wants you!

The school's human performance laboratory is in need of at least 30 male and female walkers and runners for a study that is currently underway.

The study is attempting to determine whether a 45-minute brisk walk has the same effect as running on the digestion and circulation of flavonoids, which are health-promoting compounds in fruits and veggies.

85 walkers and 25 runners between the age of 18 to 50 and in good heallth will be tested.

Volunteers must have a regular history of walking more than 100 minutes per week and be capable of walking 45 minutes briskly on a treadmill, the university says. Runners must have experience participating in 10 km to 42.2 km races and be capable of running for 2.5 hours on a treadmill.

According to the school's release, volunteers will visit the laboratory at the North Carolina Research Center four times, taking a total of five to six hours.

People who complete the study will receive $275. For more information or to sign up, email ASU-NCRC@appstate.edu.