CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Following the release of an autopsy report this week that revealed a man killed in an officer-involved shooting was shot in the back, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released a new statement regarding the incident that took place back in March.

The autopsy report indicates that Laroslav Mosiiuk, 25, was shot in the back during the fatal incident on March 8, 2017, raising questions about the officer's use of deadly force.

During that incident, two officers responded to a 911 call regarding a suicide threat to the 1000 block of Justice Avenue, where they found Mr. Mosiiuk holding a hunting rifle.

The report also indicates that there were no signs of alcohol in Mosiiuk's system at the time of the shooting. The only drug found in his system was caffeine.

CMPD Chief Putney said shortly after the confrontation that, "One of the officers perceived a lethal threat and fired his service weapon."

CMPD's statement released Wednesday indicates that the information is consistent with witness testimony, and that Mosiiuk presented an imminent deadly threat when he began tracking the rifle against one of the officer's movements.

However, one witness told NBC Charlotte, "His hands were up and he fell over like that and when he fell over he was facing this way."

Read the full statement from CMPD below:

CMPD identified the officer involved in the shooting as Brian Walsh. Walsh was placed on administrative leave following the shooting, as is the department's policy.

Officials have said it was the first time Officer Walsh had shot anyone while at the department.

A criminal investigation was launched back in March, and CMPD will not comment further beyond their statement as the District Attorney's office handles the investigation.