BALLANTYNE, N.C. -- Every dog has its day and every time Eli Dykes sits down and plays the piano, Lovie's day is made.

Lovie is a 10-week-old puppy who's being fostered by the Dykes family. Eli has found more than a four-legged friend in Lovie. She sings while he plays the keys.

"I've never seen a dog do that before," said Eli, a 14-year-old who's about to become a freshman in high school.

"Lovie is a singer," said Eli's mom, Kimberly. "She's looking for a singing family, The von Trapps!"

She came to the Dykes family with two siblings. They all sang but what started as a trio is now a solo act, performed by the one & only Lovie.

They would love to keep her, but the Dykes family is all about helping puppies find their "forever home." Lovie also has two siblings who are available. They live with another foster family.

"She is available through the South Charlotte Dog rescue. She will be there this weekend at the big Waxhaw Kaleidoscope Festival," said Kimberly.

Eli enjoys his duet partner but he is also ready to see Lovie move on to a permanent home.

"She's very gentle and sweet. She's not one of those puppies that's all over the place," said Eli.

But until Lovie meets her new family, she will sit (or squirm) next to Eli while he practices Beethoven and Bach. Although Lovie prefers bow-wow.