CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte high school student will continue to be held behind bars while he awaits a federal deportation hearing.

Gus Zamudio who is a senior at Charlotte's Northwest School of the Arts was denied bond by an immigration judge at a hearing at the Stewart Detention Center where he is being held in Lumpkin, Georgia.

The 18-year old Zamudio, who came to this country from Mexico illegally with his parents, was picked up by agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement after Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police charged him with stealing $2,900 dollars from a Harris Teeter store where he worked.

In the past, Zamudio would have had to have been convicted of the criminal charge before being put in line for deportation.

Under the new immigration policies of President Trump, Zamudio was detained by ICE agents before he ever had the chance to go to court on the criminal charge.

Friday, with his request for a bond denied, he remains behind bars. The following day Saturday, a small group of protestors accused city officials of not doing enough to protect Carolina immigrants.

Attorney Melissa Owen has no role in the case but is familiar with immigration law.

She says getting bail set in an immigration court proceeding is not easy because of the prospect of deportation.

"In some circumstances, you have a right to a bond, the question is what is the likelihood and who is going to post it?" She asked.

So it now appears, Zamudio will stay behind bars in Georgia where he will wait for a formal deportation hearing.