CHESTER, S.C. -- One year after a young boy was hit by a car and killed at a bus stop in Chester, county officials are still trying to make a change to keep kids safe.

In October 2015, 11-year-old La’Darious Wylie died saving his baby sister by pushing her out of the way of a car. They were waiting for a school bus at the time. The bus stop had no sidewalks-- and still doesn’t.

“If a sidewalk had been there would that accident have happened? I don’t know, no one can ever answer that,” county councilman Alex Oliphant said. “But it’s definitely needed.”

Oliphant says the bus stop where La’Darious died is one of many without a safe place for children to stand.

“Really the only sidewalks are in the city and close to the city,” he said.

Council has been trying to extend sidewalks long before La’Darious’ death, but they haven’t been able to afford it.

“It’s nothing but money,” Oliphant said. “Some of the estimates we got were close to $1 million to extend that sidewalk.”

Oliphant says they’re hoping whoever wins the senate seat Tuesday will help them get the funds they need.

“We just need to keep talking about it,” he said, “and eventually we can make it happen.”