ROCK HILL, S.C. – A Rock Hill man says he is no pool peeping tom. Charges have been dismissed against Sean Kilkenny, who was arrested Friday after being accused of recording video and taking pictures of women at his community pool at Lexington Commons on Walnut Hill Drive.

"This was my first introduction to my brand new community and it was not very welcoming," he said.

Kilkenny says he moved into his townhome recently from New Jersey.

"My first day going to the pool and I was excited to show my friends back home in New Jersey what the place looked like," Kilkenny explained.

He says he strapped on a Go Pro camera and went for a swim, but ended up making big waves with his new neighbors.

"It's just me swimming on the bottom," he said. "I wasn't filming anybody, I wasn't doing anything wrong and the next thing you know the cops take me away," Kilkenny said. "I slept on a concrete floor for my first weekend here," he recalled.

According to the police report, Rock Hill officers found pictures of a woman in a bikini near the pool on Kilkenny's phone. He was initially held on $25,000 bail, but charges were dismissed.

York County Solicitor Leslie Robinson said in a statement, "While the alleged conduct is perhaps concerning and distasteful, it does not rise to the level of criminal conduct." The Solicitor also adds that Kilkenny broke no laws since he was in a public place and had a right to be there.

However, his neighbors are still concerned by the incident.

"Even though it is a public place, I feel like there are certain rules you ought to abide by and I don't feel comfortable with someone filming you or taking pictures of you without your permission," said Larry Jones.

Karen Flowers is a pool regular. She plans to accompany her grandchildren on every visit from now on. "For someone to pan in and take pictures, that's an invasion of privacy they need to do something, ban him from the pool for sure," she said.

Kilkenny says he would like to move, but it isn't an option for him right now. But he says calming waters between his neighbors might be a challenge.

"The fact that it got thrown out gives me some vindication, but that doesn't mean all these people around aren't looking at me like I'm some weirdo, because I'm not," he declared.