CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Two chefs are back in the Queen City as celebrated Olympic champions in the Culinary Olympics in Germany.

Jason Hall and Corey Siegel, of Team USA, brought back three gold medals. Both men looked back on the journey they took as a part of representing the U.S.

"The tryouts take 60 people to chop it down to a team of eight and then that team remains together for about four years," Hall said.

The duo contributed to the team's three gold medals.

"It's a huge honor because we're not only representing Charlotte and our places of work, but 18,000 members of the American Culinary Federation," Hall said.

Siegel says staying perfect on every dish was the biggest challenge.

"Randomly plates will be chosen to go to the judges, and we don't know when they're getting them," Siegel said. "And they'll actually taste them multiple times."

As gourmet chefs with so much success, the two agree that it's caused them to look at food a little differently than most people.

"I'm definitely a picky eater," Siegel said. "I'm not so forgiving."

Even though they prepare complex food with the finest ingredients, Siegel says their favorite foods are simple.

"You cook at this level every day it's like man I just want a grilled cheese," Siegel said. "You just want something that warms your heart sometimes."