CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- We all know the holiday season is accompanied with a few icicles, but how about popsicles?

Charlotte is one of the six locations Christmas elves are offering a holiday special of Christmas tree delivery, removal and King of Pops popsicles.

King of Pops is a popsicle brand specific to the southeast, offering unique flavors like blackberry ginger lemonade, chocolate sea salt, lemon basil, pumpkin pie, white chocolate peppermint and more.

The concept was initially thought of and conducted in 2012 by King of Pops founders in Atlanta to "give them a way to hire their friends for a few more days of work, make King of Pops' long term goal of running a local farm more viable, and provide an eco-friendly and easy alternative to the trees that get tossed to the street each year after Christmas."

Customers will have a premium Fraser Fir Christmas tree delivered to their door with a batch of King of Pops.

After the new year, the elves will return to collect the tree for composting at either King of Crops or a local farm.

"This recycling process helps grow organic fruit for future pops," their website says.

Customers can choose between the elf delivery or pick-up at check out.

According to their website, the complete kit in Charlotte which includes a premium Christmas tree, exclusive holiday King of Pops pack, stand rental and removal costs between $95 and $145. Just the Christmas tree costs between $55 and $105.

Other offers on their website include a fresh fraser wreath and holiday King of Pops 4 pack. For a list of products, click here.