CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A firestorm of sexual harassment claims is putting a local eye doctor out of business.

NBC Charlotte has learned Dr. Jonathan Christenbury surrendered his medical license yesterday. It comes after multiple lawsuits and allegations in front of the North Carolina Medical Board.

NBC Charlotte obtained a copy of the document showing Dr. Christenbury’s signature to surrender his license. Now, NBC Charlotte is learning more about the allegations against the popular Charlotte eye doctor.

Attorney Meg Maloney represents three different woman who filed separate lawsuits against Dr. Christenbury. Maloney tells NBC Charlotte the doctor would intentionally hire young, beautiful women. Then she says came unwanted physical contact, which is too racy for TV.

“Talk about someone who’s in a position of power and influence over others, the sole owner of a business or the majority shareholder of a business, that takes free reign,” says Maloney.

The lawsuits filed earlier this year, include allegations back to at least 2015. Meanwhile, Maloney says three other similar cases are pending before the North Carolina Medical Board. In the midst of all of it, Dr. Christenbury surrendered his medical license.

A hearing with the medical board scheduled for mid-December has been postponed, but Maloney says the civil lawsuits are moving forward.

“They describe a pattern and practice of behavior that shouldn't take this long to be resolved, when you look at the seriousness of the allegations and how long they’ve been going on,” says Maloney.

NBC Charlotte made multiple attempts to reach Dr. Christenbury, including stopping by his office and leaving a voicemail there. However, so far our calls have not been returned.