CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A west Charlotte gun store that's known for controversial ads has a new radio ad leading up to the holiday shopping season.

Blackstone Shooting Sports says their unique ads are an effort to bring in more business, and whether you agree with it or not, it certainly gets plenty of attention.

"We wanted something that would catch people's attention," said owner Taylor Hayden. "Having an advertisement that is seemingly one thing, and then something else."

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The ad has similarities to a commercial for abused and neglected pets that need new homes, then it reveals that the ad is about guns.

"People hear and they go, 'oh, that is not what I expected it to be,'" Hayden said.

The radio ad hit the airwaves last month. It made quite the impression to a number of people in Charlotte Friday.

"Reminded me of one of those abused animals ads," said Michael Conlin. "It's not cool to draw that comparison, but I'm not offended by it."

"I don't really think of guns as being a member of your family potentially," said Emma Sternlof.

Last year, Blackstone put up a billboard with Santa Claus holding an assault-style rifle. Hayden says the attention-grabbing ads are just their way of reaching more customers.

"We just thought again this was an eye-catching, or in this case, "ear-catching" ad that would get people coming to our business," Hayden said.