CHARLOTTE, NC - Hundreds of thousands of mosquitos are getting ready to hatch in our area this weekend, and the forecast is going to be just right for them to thrive, throwing us in to the dreaded red zone on the “Skeeter meter.”

Experts say a quarter cup of water is all mosquitos need to hatch hundreds, even thousands of eggs.

So now is the time to check for standing water in your yard, and pour it out right away.

“5 to 7 days after a big rain we see a big surge of mosquito activity,” first warn meteorologist Sarah Fortner explained.

“We had about an inch and a half last Friday and Saturday, so this Sunday and Monday those mosquitoes are expected to hatch.”

And they’ll be born into their ideal environment.

When we have stagnant wind pattern like we will this weekend, that's when you see an optimal ingredient for mosquito activity,” Fortner said.

It will also be warm and humid, meaning our ‘skeeter meter’ is maxing out at “yuck.”

Better get out that repellent.