CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- While Charlotte is not predicted to be hit by Hurricane Matthew, local crews are preparing for the onslaught of wind and rain that it may cause locally.

Operations crews are scouting and clearing flood-prone 'hotspots' throughout Mecklenburg County in advance of Hurricane Matthew.

Flood warning signs have already been posted at Little Sugar Creek, a common location for rising water during storms. Crews were in the area Thursday morning clearing out

Mecklenburg County has as many as 150,000 storm drains and 3000 miles of streams. Crews and utility companies have been working to clear hotspots in advance of the possibilities of storms from Hurricane Matthew and will continue to do so.

"As we look at our supplies, we're asking customers to look at theirs and be prepared for the potential for extended outages," a Duke Energy representative said.

Duke Energy has created an easy way for customers to alert them that their power is out. Customers are asked to text Duke at 57801. Text OUT to report an outage. Text REG to receive outage alerts.

Over a million people have signed up for the service, Duke Energy reports.

Storm Water Services will also be monitoring this storm for any rainfall and creek elevations using the flood warning system, Flood Information and Notification System. The 'FINS' network of local rain and stream gages automatically notifies emergency responders to the threat or actual danger of flooding.