CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Georgia man facing charges in connection with the disappearance of a Charlotte teen who has been missing for more than a year, made his first appearance in a Gwinett County Courthouse Monday.

Michael Wysolovski, 31, was assigned a public defender and is being held without bond in a jail North of Atlanta. Wysolovski is facing numerous charges, including false imprisonment and interference with custody and cruelty to children. The FBI says additional charges could follow.

Investigators located 17-year-old Hailey Burns in a home with Wysolovski in Duluth, Ga. Burns reunited with her family Sunday.

Her mother, Shaunna, posted a picture kissing her daughter on the cheek, with the caption "She's Safe."

"They are tenacious, they never stopped not once," said neighbor Brittany Hayes.

Faded yellow ribbons are attached to mailboxes on homes along Baldwin Hills Drive as her community awaited her return.

"It's a miracle really that this is the outcome and it's just amazing that she's safe and she's home," Hayes declared.

Burns' mother says her daughter is in good spirits. On her first day back home, Shaunna made her eggs and fruit for breakfast and took her to a doctor to be checked out. The family also had lunch at Burns' favorite restaurant, Firebirds, where the manager greeted her with flowers.

However, her mother says she still doesn't know what her daughter went through over the last year. Burns' disappeared May 23, 2016.

"We woke up one morning to go wake her up for school like we do every single day and there was nobody there," Tony Burns told NBC Charlotte last year.

Her parents say she has Asperger's Syndrome and left without her medication. They had limited her social media access after catching her chatting with adult men online.

However, her mother says she suspects the conversations with these men continued, leading to her disappearance.

"The predators that are out there are very sophisticated, they work very hard to entice young children and they spend many months doing it," said FBI Special Agent Jason Kaplan.

The search to find her extended to foreign countries. The FBI and CMPD followed up on leads. More than a year went by before they finally received a tip that led them to a house North of Atlanta

"It acts as a reminder of why we need to be vigilant and lean forward on these investigations even with things start to look hopeless and there are no further leads," Agent Kaplan declared.