CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Voters in Mecklenburg County approved three bonds that will invest money into improving transportation, housing and neighborhoods.

The bonds on the 2016 ballot were the second round of proposed bonds in a long-term plan. The first, in the prior election, were also approved.

City leaders came together in 2-13 to create the City of Charlotte's Community Investment Plan.

There were three bonds on the ballot.

The first bond will focus on street improvement, sidewalk restoration and all over road improvement after voters approved the nearly $150 million bond. According to Charlotte Five, some of the bonds funds will go toward the completion of the Cross Charlotte Trail, Monroe streetscape and Northeast Corridor Infrastructure.

The second bond on the ballot will authorize $15 million plus interest into Charlotte's Housing Diversity Program which is designed to create mixed-income communities by focusing on six programs.

These include a focus on supporting new housing, developers constructing housing for low-income households, the prevention of homelessness, the development of affordable housing, assisting non-profit developers and 'blighted' single family homes to acquire homes and renovating homes in areas in town that have high vacancy.

The third bond will is expected to put $55 million into infrastructure improvement and connection throughout Charlotte neighborhoods.

According to the city of Charlotte's website, one example of what the money will be put towards is a way for pedestrians and bicycles to cross the light rail to access the Publix development and other retailers in the area. The cross walk will be roughly midway between the two existing light rail stations of New Bern Station and East/West station.

"Passing the 2016 bonds allows the city to continue the great capital investments started in 2014 as well as initiate work on additional projects," said interim City Manager Ron Kimble. "This support for the Community Investment Plan will help us ensure that Charlotte remains a great place for all to live, work and move about."

More information on which projects are funded by the bonds can be found at