CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- 49 lives stolen were one year ago today. Two victims were from North Carolina, 25-year-old Tevin Crosby of Statesville and 34-year-old Shane Tomlinson of Concord.

Their lives cut short, when a home grown terrorist opened fire at Pulse, a gay night club in Orlando.

In Charlotte people chose to honor the victims by showing love, not hate. With signs in hand, several stood on street corners of Plaza Midwood giving out free hugs to anyone who passed by.

“It’s the anniversary for a horrible thing and we just want to turn it into something good for the community,” Free Hugs Rally Organizer Jesse Hill said.

“It’s been one year and that was a pretty traumatic thing to see in the news that day. And it’s not just in the news it’s in someone’s life,” Todd Lowe explained.

One year later the wounds are not fully healed. “Our LGBTQ family shouldn’t be murdered for their sexuality,” Hill said.

But the LGBT community is standing strong with open arms.

58 other people were injured in the Pulse Night Club shooting. The owner of pulse has announced plans to create a memorial site that will open in 2020.