CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A local mother of two has a warning for those in the Charlotte community preparing their holiday decorations.

Holly Taylor was in for a shock after purchasing hundreds of dollars worth Holiday Living indoor and outdoor Christmas lights from Lowe's in South End.

Taylor says she plugged in the lights and strung them across her couch to make sure they were working and left the living room to feed her child.

"When I came back out about fifteen minutes later, I smelled something burning," Taylor says. "I looked over here at the lights and they had burned a hole in our couch."

Although the light's instructions has a warning of 'risk of fire,' Taylor never expected this amount of damage in such a short amount of time.

"They could have burned our son," Taylor says. "Had we put several strands on our tree or on decorations, no telling what else they could've burned."

NBC Charlotte reached out to Lowe's about the issue. The company said, "we've not heard of any similar situations." However, Lowe's said managers are working with the Taylor's to make things right.