CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The clean up began for residents, and city workers after a powerful line of thunderstorms came through the Charlotte area Sunday knocking out power to thousands for several hours.

In Charlotte's Myers Park Neighborhood Hope Hylinski and her mom were out early taking a look around.

"It was really, really loud and I saw a lot of lightning. It did some damage, but I'm glad it wasn't worse."

On Scotland Avenue, branches and limbs lined the road way but thankfully no trees fell on homes.

Several neighbors were expecting the damage to be worse.

In Rock Hill, city workers, utility workers, and others worked through the night to repair damage left behind to tents and structures around the 2017 BMX World Championships.

"Last night was a really horrible storm." said City Manager David Vehaun. "It actually took out a number of team tents. We had some real clean up to do out here. I think almost 7,000 customers without power, so all of our electric guys were all on the streets working though the night."

Vehaun was proud of his team's accomplishment. BMX Practice runs for the 3,700 riders going today without delays.

Several BMX riders told NBC Charlotte that the course was 'very smooth, and 'nice to ride.'

Competition starts Tuesday morning at 7 a.m.

The City of Rock Hill estimates the BMX Championships will bring in close to $13 million dollars in economic impact.

While the weekend's storms were strong residents must brace for more.

Thunderstorms are part of this week's First Warn Forecast.