CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is launching a major crackdown on dangerous drivers during the month of April.

Dubbed "Spring Alive," CMPD will increase patrols along major roadways, including the John Belk Freeway, Brookshire Freeway and Billy Graham Parkway.

Officers will target dangerous drivers, including those who speed, text while driving and drive while impaired.

"When May comes around, we want you to put your May flowers in your garden and not on a memorial on the roadside," Sgt. Jesse Wood said.

The initiative was created after the department found the number of people who died in traffic crashes jumped 63 percent in 2016 with April being the deadliest month.

Sgt. Wood said 2017 numbers are already outpacing 2016.

"If you're not able to operate that vehicle safely, then we're going to enforce the traffic laws upon those people," Sgt. Wood.

Photo: Brandon Goldner/NBC Charlotte